November 13th, 2012 ~ Texas has raised over 34,000 signatures to secede from the United States of America; to become, in fact, a sovereign and FOREIGN nation.  I say, let Texas secede.  Let them breath free from our oppresive U.S. military bases, our socialist Johnson Spaceflight Center ("Houston, we've got a problem"), and our blood-sucking U.S. Defense Contractors.
      Let them see Dell, American Airlines, and AT&T repatriated from their sovereign, FOREIGN nation back to the evil United States of America.  Let them be unchained from the Kenyan, Commie shackles of FEMA, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Of course, Baptist Medical Systems, Baylor Healthcare Systems, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas might find that newfound freedom ironically restrictive to their "free enterprise" bottom line. How long, do you think, will those enterprises stick around when NO Texans are receiving Medicare or Medicaid?  Will the oil companies just voluntarily step forward to help Texas recover from their next monster hurricane with no expectation of repayment?  You and I KNOW the answers to those questions.  We also know this secession crap is just that... CRAP.

      November 7th, 2012 ~ Last night, our President and Vice President won re-election.  The uber-creepy, dark money, Citizen's United BILLIONS of the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Harold Simmons, and the rest failed to polish up their punchbowl turds enough to cover their mendacious stench.  Their BILLIONS failed to elect Romney and Ryan as our President and Vice President.  They also failed to prevent Scott Brown, Joe Walsh, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdoch, Tommy Thompson, Rick Berg, John McGovern, Allen West, and Todd Long from getting the boot.Winners and Losers  Oh, Turd Blossom!  You got a lot of 'splainin' to do!
      This leads me to an obvious question.  Will the Republicans rescue their "brand" from the Tea Party extremists before it's completely destroyed, or will they join the Whigs, the Anti-Masonics, and the Silver Party in the dustbin of American political history?
      I can tell you now, that the GOP will most CERTAINLY go the way of the Dodo if they continue their platform of abject fealty to the corpocracy; demanding a total dismantlement of federal regulation and taxation, while simultaneously calling for direct federal control of our bodies and our most intimate personal relationships.  They will join the Passenger Pigeon and Tasmanian Wolf if they continue promoting unfair and UNPRODUCTIVE tax breaks for the top 1% while simultaneously calling for the eradication of all our social contracts to offset the massive debt their tax breaks created.
      I raise these points because I truly believe our body politic NEEDS a vibrant conservative voice.  We, the People, are best served by a dynamic give-and-take of political ideas.  We are NOT served by a unilateral echo chamber.  Neither, however, are we served by a party willing to allow their constituents to suffer unnecessary hardships just to score some cynical political points.
      Despite the prognostications of the punditocracy, We the People showed we have more common sense than they gave us credit for.  Many independents, like me, voted Democratic because we saw a party which seems honestly committed to helping us recover from the profligacy of the Bush 43 administration and its Congressional boosters.  Others, I'm fairly certain, saw the GOP's same-old-flaming-bag-o-crap too odious to consider seriously.  Americans LOVE Koolaid, but not when laced with arsenic.  We'll let the GOP drink their own Koolaid.  Oh, wait a minute!  They DID, didn't they?