October 30th, 2012 ~ Frankenstorm.  That's the pop-moniker for "Sandy", the "Post-Tropical Cyclone" which has devastated our East Coast with record storm surges, SNOW, and winds which ripped construction cranes from buildings and coastal homes from their foundations.  All during a full Moon at the end of October.  Frankenstorm, indeed.
      Much has been made of the generally cooler atmospheric temperatures not ameliorating this storm's scope and fury.  Snow in the Appalachians even as coastal communities were inundated with walls of ocean.  How could such a freak storm happen?  Simple.  Hurricanes care nothing about AIR temperature.  They're all about WATER temperature.
      Brace yourself.  There are going to be a LOT of Sandys in our near future.  Where do you think the climate change denyers; the BP, Exxon/Mobile, Koch Industry executives are living?  Do you think they're building their multi-million dollar homes near sea-level?  Or do you think they have their topo maps to find the high ground?  I'm pretty sure I know the answer to those questions.  I hope you do too.  Tick-tock...

      October 28th, 2012 ~ Okay, I know I've said before that one or another of the videos I've posted here are my favorites, but THIS truly is brilliant!  From the creator of one of my favorite TV shows, "Firefly", here's Joss Whedon on Mitt Romney.  Heck, I'll even throw in a few Halloween recipes I found for GOP zombies with a culinary bent.

      October 26th, 2012 ~ Eric Smalls.  Remember that name.  He will probably be the NASA scientist sitting before the microphone, describing the life his robotic probes found on an Earth-like planet several light years from here.  Education provides the tools.  America provides the GENIUS.  OUR government often provides the opportunity.  Interesting that "Opportunity" is the name of one of our most scientifically productive Mars ROBOTIC rovers, don't you think?

      October 19th, 2012 ~ The legal definition of treason is "the betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies".
      In my August 25th post, I pointed out how Justin Fishel and Roger Ailes of Fox News consciously and purposely acted to aid America's enemies.  Now there's another.

Darrell Issa

      His name is Darrell Issa.  He represents California's 49th electoral district and is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.  In his zeal to politically embarrass our President on his handling of the September 11th attack in Benghazi, Libya, which lead to the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, Issa released a 166-page "document dump" on his committe's website today.
      While none of the documents were marked as Secret, many were marked as Sensitive.  Yet Congressman Issa couldn't be bothered with redacting the names of Libyans who had assisted American personnel, both before and after the attack, thereby placing their lives and their family's lives in jeopardy from the same sociopaths who killed Ambassador Stevens.
      This is not Issa's first life-threatening screw up in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack.  On October 10th, along with fellow committee member, Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz, Issa allowed photos into his PUBLIC hearing which apparently showed a CIA facility adjacent to the Benghazi diplomatic mission.  This error might easily have gone unnoticed had Issa and Chaffetz not made a HUGE noise about the photos right there on CSPAN, begging for closer scrutiny.
      When does Darrel Isssa stand before The American People and pay, if not for treason, at least for unprecedented stupidity?  EVER?  We already had one of our CIA operatives and all her people outed and thrown into harm's way by the late Robert Novak.  We can, perhaps, forgive Novak because his brain was being devoured by cancer.  I am not aware of any such ameliorating circumstances for Darrel Issa, other than his blind ambition to take political advantage of the Benghazi attack, no matter how many additional lives are put at risk as a consequence.
      I urge you to contact your Congressional Representative, as I have, to DEMAND Darrell Issa, face, if nothing else, House censure for his thoughtless and dangerous behavior.

      October 11th, 2012 ~ I need add nothing by way of introduction to this BRILLIANT video from Joseph Cannon.  Just watch...

      October 6th, 2012 ~ I LOVE THIS VIDEO!  Written and Directed by Lucas Gray, it states the case clearly for why we need to keep our President in office for four more years.  You can find the credits and sources for the facts cited in this video at "Why Obama Now".

      October 4th, 2012 ~ Last night, former Massachusetts Governor, Willard "Mitt" Romney reinvented himself by disavowing EVERY policy position he had ever claimed to hold when appealing to his wingnut base.  As was said of Julius Caesar, Romney was "every woman's husband; every man's wife" in his frantic effort to paint himself as the reasonable, moderate, middle-of-the-road guy who "feels the pain" of America's non-Billionaires.
      It's easy to see why our President was somewhat flumoxed by this wholesale reversal of Romney's prior rhetoric.  I was too.  Yet... there were little windows into Romney's REAL agenda, despite his prevarications.  He relentlessly hammered on the $716 Billion removed by the Obama administration from the Medicare system in SAVINGS from insurance company and medical provider excesses and PROUDLY claimed he would restore that pork for the insurance companies and ineffective medical outcomes, because that's how to "save" Medicare.
      That is, of course, how to "save" Medicare for less than a decade and set up those freeloader Americans who take no responsibility for their lives for his private insurance voucher program.
      Then... there was Big Bird.  While Jim Lehrer sucked his thumb in total abdication of his role as debate moderator, Romney proudly announced to Lehrer and the nation he would axe ALL federal support of PBS.  Not a blink from Lehrer.  Romney will save America from the excesses of Sesame Street, but Wall Street?  Oh, that's a dressage horse of a different color.  We need to STRIP ALL THE REGULATION of Wall Street to enable "job creators" like Romney to revitalize America's economy.  That's worked SO well for our economy over the last TWENTY YEARS, hasn't it?
      I'm looking forward to the next debate, on October 16th at Hofstra University, which will be in a town hall format, where the candidates will be questioned by average Americans rather than the moderator (in this case, CNN's Candy Crowley).  Since Romney will not be able to sereptitiously unfold his crib notes for this one (there's no podium), I'll be interested to see where he hides his "zingers".  He knows we'll be watching for the Palin palm notes.  Let's see how much he plays with his tie.