August 30th, 2012 ~ Here are the facts on Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, and Republican lies.  EVERY SINGLE SPEAKER at the Republican convention in Tampa, has repeated the lie that "Obama stole $716 Billion from Medicare!"  The FACTS are that President Obama SAVED $716 Billion in waste and fraud, making the Medicare program fiscally sound for the next DECADE or more, without ONE PENNY of benefits lost by Medicare recipients.
      To the contrary, Medicare recipients have GAINED benefits such as free wellness checks and lower drug costs because of the $716 Billion SAVED from program redundancies and overpayments to providers and insurance companies; again not costing Medicare beneficiaries a SINGLE PENNY in lost benefits.
      By contrast, Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan, head of the House Budget Committee, is saying the Romney administration will put that $716 Billion we've SAVED, back into the pockets of overbilling providers and insurance companies; resulting in a BANKRUPT Medicare program within two to three years.  Not to worry, they'll replace Medicare with a "voucher" program.  You get a voucher for a fixed amount (no adjustment for rising costs) to buy private insurance, pay healthcare providers, and purchase drugs. If your expenses exceed the voucher, well... tough luck.  You're on your own.  Nothing personal, you understand.  Just business.
      The Romney/Ryan campaign's latest lie is that they can preserve the Medicare program as-is for much longer than two to three years, but ONLY for Americans 55 years old or older.  Aside from being a cravenly overt political move to "divide and conquer" the American electorate, this is also a profound breach of the social contract We, the People, have held with our government for decades.  If you or your wife are 54, you have probably been INVESTING in Medicare and Social Security for at least 35 YEARS with clearly defined expectations for those investments.  Are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan now calling you or your loved one CHUMPS?
      Well... yes they are.  And EVERY unbiased economist who has looked at the Romney/Ryan numbers has said as much.  That dog just don't hunt!  So when the well-meaning GOP supporter calls to get you on-board with the Romney/Ryan ticket, you may want to reverse the roles and educate your caller on EXACTLY what those friendly, smiling, GOP candidates have in store for ALL Americans.

      August 27th, 2012 ~ I LOVE THIS GUY!  No, I'm not talking about a "bromance".  I just love the way he nails the crap to the wall and brings in the work lights to REALLY illuminate that crap!  Did I say I LOVE THIS GUY?

      August 26th, 2012 ~ Yesterday, Neil Armstrong, the first Human to set foot on our Moon, died at the age of 82.  I could write a thousand words in praise of this true American Hero, but this memorial video from SciShow on YouTube says it all...

      August 25th, 2012 ~ The legal definition of treason is "the betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies".
      The Wahabbi terrorists of al Qaeda, who orchestrated the murders of nearly 3,000 innocents on September 11th, 2001, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2000, and the bombings of American embassies in 1998, have clearly declared themselves America's enemies.
      Someone who commits treason; someone who purposely acts to aid al Qaeda; is, therefore, a traitor

Fox News employee Justin Fishel

      His name is Justin Fishel.  He works for Fox News.  On Thursday, August 23rd, 2012, Justin Fishel divulged the real name of one of the Navy SEAL's who conducted the successful raid on Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad, Pakistan compound.  Since Fishel's act of treason, this American HERO and his entire family have been targeted for assasination by al Qaeda and its rabid affiliates.

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes

      His name is Roger Ailes.  He is the CEO of Fox News.  Ailes' Fox News purposely provided the medium for Fishel's treason; handed him a microphone, focused their HD cameras on him, and transmitted his treason across the planet.  Now, because of Roger Ailes, an American HERO and his family are in danger.  Now, because of Roger Ailes and his treasonous employee, Justin Fishel, America's enemies have been aided.
      When is their trial?  When do they stand before The American People and pay for their TREASON?  EVER?  We already had one of our CIA operatives and all her people outed and thrown into harm's way by the late Robert Novak.  We can, perhaps, forgive Novak his treason because his brain was being devoured by cancer.  I am not aware of such ameliorating circumstances for either Ailes or Fishel.
      I urge you, as a loyal AMERICAN, to contact your Senators and Representatives, as I have, to DEMAND these TRAITORS, Justin Fishel and Roger Ailes, stand trial for their treason.

      August 23rd, 2012 ~ There's a lot of crap coming out of GOP campaigns these days, not just from the Romney-Ryan campaign, but at EVERY level, crying their going to "Kill Obamacare" and "get BIG government out of our lives so our economy can thrive".  I happened to be walking past a Charles Schwab office the other day and their window LCD indicated the DOW was at 13,203, the S&P at 1,413, and the NASDAQ over 3,000.  It seems the sector of our economy We, the People bailed out in 2008 with our GOVERNMENT money; the sector of our economy paying 15% or less in income taxes; the so-called "job creators" are indeed thriving.
      The rest of us?  Not so much.  Where's that "trickle down"?  Where are the JOBS?  Why is that MASSIVE bounce-back in the markets which brought our nation to its knees back in 2008, not translating into a bounce-back in American jobs?  Isn't that the CORE PRINCIPLE of the GOP economic platform?  "Unshackle" the "job creators" from government regulation and taxation and the prosperity will trickle down?
      Well, we had EIGHT years of Bush era deregulation and TWELVE YEARS of Bush's income tax breaks, with special consideration for those paying 15% or less.  Those tax breaks were sold from the back of the GOP snake oil wagon as THE ONLY path to American jobs.  That hasn't happened.  That will NEVER happen.  They LIED.  They KNOW they lied.  They're upset ONLY because they got caught LYING.  The vulture capitalists and banksters on Wall Street got richer and Main Street USA (big surprise) got screwed.
      So, what is the GOP's "new and improved" economic platform?  "Let's peel back ALL the regulatory protections of the last century, privatize ALL the social safety nets, and reduce income taxes on the job creators to ZERO and prosperity will trickle down to ALL Americans!"  WTF!?  Are they blithering idiots, or do they just think WE are?  Neither, of course, is true.
      They're crazy like foxes and they KNOW many Americans see their platform for exactly what it is: a coup d'etat to turn America into a carbon copy of Communist China with a Talibangelical veneer.  They KNOW most of us will vote against their radical agenda and for preservation of our social contract; our environment; our family's HEALTH; our individual RIGHTS.  So, their REALLY NEW platform plank is to attack our right to vote.
      Republican governors and state legislatures have spent the last year and a half enacting draconian new voter suppression laws, closing urban voter registration offices, CRIMINALIZING voter registration campaigns, and gerrymandering district lines to make polling places as inaccessible as possible to likely Democratic voters.  Of course, this means likely Republican voters in those same districts get the shaft as well, but that's a small sacrifice for the greater good, isn't it?  Nothing personal, you understand.  Just business.
      So...  What do we do about this?
      In the short term, we mobilize to get ALL Americans (regardless of party affiliation) registered to vote on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012.  Whatever it takes, WE MUST VOTE.  Too many Americans have sacrificed their lives to win US our RIGHT to vote.  If we don't vote, we make a mockery of their sacrifice.  We can hope there are some state and federal judges out there who are more loyal to America than to their pockets and will overturn these UNAMERICAN laws, but we just can't count on that.
      Long term, we MUST find a way to reverse the Citizen's United ruling AND bring all future federal-level elections under a nationwide, uniform set of rules for voter qualification.  For decades, a utility bill, a RETIRED MILITARY ID, a veteran's eligibility card were proof enough.  If the enemies of democracy want to commit their treason on a state level, that's up to the people of that state to deal with them as they see fit.  But ALL Americans have a stake in Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential elections.  ALL American lives are impacted by federal laws.  ALL Americans should have the exact same right to vote in such elections.  No exceptions.

      August 4th, 2012 ~ Happy Birthday Mr. President!  For all who join me in wishing our President a happy 51st birthday, here's a wonderful series of photographs from the "Only Adult in the Room" blog.