May 31st, 2012 ~ As the controversy over Barack Obama's birth certificate heats up, I wish to take this opportunity to quash the insidious rumors that the patriot at the heart of that controversy, Donald Trump, is fucking goats in his Trump Tower penthouse at 725 Fifth Avenue, New York City.  A LOT of people have been questioning his stance on bestiality in light of these despicable rumors and it would go a long way in silencing them if Mr. Trump signed the official "NOT a Goat Fucker" pledge.
      You'll note the pledge also unequivocally refutes the ancillary claim, by a LOT of people, that Mr. Trump covers up evidence of his goat raping by shipping said goats to a shadowy cult in Utah for disposal during their ritual sacrifices and blood feasts.  I urge Mr. Trump, a true patriot, to sign this pledge IMMEDIATELY; if not for himself, then for America.

      May 29th, 2012 ~ GOD has a GREAT LIGHT of Bluegrass/Country music at his side tonight, even as our world has become a bit darker.  Arthel Lane "Doc" Watson has joined his son Merle for his Heavenly reward.  If you don't know who Doc Watson is, here's Doc playing his signature song "Tennessee Stud" with his son Merle.

      Blind from early childhood, Doc never saw his beloved son in this world.  I KNOW he can see him now.  My Wife and I extend our most profound condolences to Rosa Lee Watson, his wife of 55 years and his Daughter Nancy.

      May 23rd, 2012 ~ E above Middle C; 330 Hz.  The frequency, according to Eric Lerner, for limitless fusion power.  No sooner had I discovered Mark Suppes and his advocacy for Robert Bussard's Polywell reactor than I stumbled across another alternative fusion energy approach which Lerner's "Focus Fusion" group has "focused" upon.
      Focus Fusion's Hydrogen-Boron approach is not to fight to contain a stable plasma, but to employ a plasma's natural instabilities to produce a charged plasma pulse which can be DIRECTLY converted to electrical energy, at a greater than 80% eficiency, without the intermediary steps of heating a neutron absorbing jacket (like lithium), converting water to steam, and ultimately driving a turbine to generate electricity.  Lerner and his associates also claim the Focus Fusion reaction is a perfect propulsion system to get us to Mars in a quarter of the time required for a chemical/ballistic flight path.

      If "Focus Fusion" offered nothing more than an ion-drive-on-steroids, I would be THRILLED.  But if it IS the green energy source of tomorrow, I think our government would be prudent in providing some of our tax dollars to explore this technology.  If you agree, I urge you to contact your Senators and Representative to provide for a small federal grant program (relative to other massively funded programs like NIF and ITER) of a few tens of millions to help today's Thomas Edisons like Eric Lerner and Mark Suppes prove their technologies and hopefully free us from our slavery to fossil fuels and the dark nightmare of Fukushima.

      May 21st, 2012 ~ Returning to the topic of fusion energy, I just came across a terrific June 21st, 2011 "Popular Mechanics" article on fusion by Elizabeth Svoboda!  Another excellent information piece from the World Nuclear Association details the history and current research efforts in fusion energy.  An important point mentioned near the bottom of the article is the tritium problem.  Tritium is a troublesome, radioactive, element with a half-life of a little over 10 years and which can penetrate concrete, rubber, and even some grades of steel.  Putting aside for the moment tritium's handling and containment challenges, its scarcity (relative to deuterium) is also a limiting factor in the "unlimited energy" promise of fusion power.
      Tritium is involved in most current fusion energy research because the plasma temperatures and pressures required for a deuterium-tritium (D+T) reaction, while almost unimaginably high, are still not as great as those required to initiate and sustain a deuterium+deuterium (D+D) reaction.  However, several fusion energy projects are now shooting for those D+D reaction temperatures and densities, because the "Deuterium Cycle" would actually generate a net energy output of 43.2 MeV vs. the D+T reaction's 17.59 MeV.  Dispensing with tritium altogether, while a daunting technological task among daunting technological tasks, would yield a truely safe and unlimited source of energy.
      One promising approach to a D+D reaction is a new kind of containment technology known as a "Polywell" (which is a portmanteau of "POLYhedron" and "potential WELL").  The late Dr. Robert W. Bussard is now permanently associated with this technology, due to his pioneering designs and advocacy for this approach to fusion power.
      Another rather extraordinary advocate for the Polywell is web designer by day, fusion energy researcher by night, Mark Suppes.  Mark became fascinated by a 2006 series of online video presentations by Dr. Bussard and something clicked.  He realized, THIS was something he wanted to be part of, so, like any true entrepreneur, he built his own working fusion energy research reactor...  from parts he bought on eBay...  in Brooklyn!
      Mark Suppes' blog is nearly as extraordinary as the man himself.  Taking his cue from the "Open Source" movement, which brought us such ground-breaking FREE software as Netscape Navigator, JAVA, and Linux, Mark is now documenting EVERYTHING about his fusion research on his Prometheus Fusion Perfection blog.  Heck, Mark is even using OpenSCAD 3D modeling software to design his Polywell and has purchased a "MakerBot" to produce his 3D prototypes.  Stunning!  Open science!  Wherever Robert Brussard is, I guarantee he's smiling about this.  So is Philo Farnsworth, inventor of the television as well as the "fusor" which Dr. Brussard's Polywell is an advancement upon.

      May 19th, 2012 ~ Nick Hanauer is a billionaire venture capitalist whose article and comments at the TED talks are the definition of enlightened self interest.  He's also spot on about how REAL jobs are created.  This video puts the lie, once and for all, to GOP claims that fairer taxes for their wealthy puppetmasters will hurt the "job creators".  If Mr. Hanauer is correct, WE are the job creators!

      Makes a lot of sense, doesn't he?  Apparently, Ed Shultz agrees.  Here's Nick Hanauer appearing on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" last night.

      May 18th, 2012 ~ In 1967, University of California at Santa Cruz Professor of Sociology, Dr. G. William Domhoff, wrote his first edition of "Who Rules America?"  Dr. Domhoff has since updated his book in 1983, and again in 2010.
      Acccording to Dr. Domhoff's latest edition, in 2007, BEFORE the BIG BANK bailouts and BEFORE America's economic meltdown, 80% of the American population held just 7% of the nation's financial wealth.  The next 10% held only 10%, the next 5% a mere 11%, the next 4% of our population, 29%, and the top 1% held 43% of America's wealth.  In these post-derivative-swap-meltdown, good-paying jobs are gone and our homes are underwater times, that disparity is most likely greater than in 2007.  Hell, I can guarantee it!
      So, how should these facts inform America's Federal Income Tax policy?  Should those vacuuming up 43% or MORE of America's wealth pay only 15% or LESS of America's taxes, while 95% of Americans, holding only 28% of America's wealth (in 2007), be on the hook for 33% of America's tax revenues?  Should Congressional Republicans be aggresively slashing social safety-net programs to prop up their hollow calls for fiscal responsibility, while TENS OF MILLIONS of former American workers, homeowners, TAX PAYERS have been driven to depend on those programs by the criminal malfeasance of the Big Banks and the Bush/Cheney administration's power-drunk profligacy?
      Let's roll the videotape and see if we can answer these questions.  During the HEIGHTS of American prosperity, we saw marginal tax rates for the top income bracket; from Eisenhower in the 1950's to Bush 43 in the 1990's; as high as 90%, yet EVERYONE profited.  EVERYONE gained from a vital and growing economy.  When "stagflation" hit in the late 1970's, GOP presidential candidate Ronald Reagan proposed his "trickle down economics" model (also known as "Reaganomics").  Reagan took office in 1981 and slashed the top marginal tax rate and we actually saw a short-term uptick in overall national prosperity.  But then the trickle dwindled to a few drops and ultimately dried up altogether until the 1993 Clinton administration.
      Under Clinton's presidency, the top marginal rate jumped from 31% to 39.6% and the wealthiest among us could not have been happier.  America ended the decade with the first multi-year Federal budget SURPLUSES since 1957 and we were well on our way to paying off our national debt for the first time since Andrew Jackson's administration.  Unfortunately, Clinton also presided over the defanging of 1933's Glass-Steagall Act, setting the stage for Hank Poulson's "too big to fail" bank bailouts under the Bush presidency.
      I point out these historical facts because we face a GOP Congress hell-bent on stonewalling ANY efforts to revitalize our economy and our middle class if it involves fair taxation for their wealthy puppetmasters.  Make no mistake.  EVERY real American holds Capitalism (with a capital "C") and entrepreneurship in the highest regard.  EVERY real American also believes in a level playing field.  95% of US share the American Dream of having a great idea, working hard to turn that idea into reality, and building a profitable business or career based upon our own common sense and business acumen.
      95% of us DON'T share the view that we can succeed ONLY by subverting our laws to give us an undeserved advantage over our smaller, but perhaps more brilliant competitors.  REAL AMERICAN entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet don't need Grover Norquist's GOP meat puppets to protect his wealth.  REAL AMERICAN entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey don't need Grover Norquist's GOP meat puppets to protect her wealth.  So why do the Koch brothers need Grover Norquist's GOP meat puppets to protect their wealth; to legislatively tip the playing field in their favor?
      The answer is simple.  Charles and David Koch are SECOND GENERATION.  So is Mitt Romney.  Their FATHERS acquired the wealth.  Their FATHERS were the sharp-eyed entrepreneurs.  They're just caretakers; uninspired clods fretfully sitting on their piles of loot in some grotesque parody of the Golden Goose.  Let them sit, but let US stand against their manipulation of OUR laws.
      Reach out to your Senators and Representative to DEMAND investigations of legislators who hold their pledge of loyalty to Grover Norquist ABOVE their loyalty to the American People.  DEMAND fairer taxes for those just sitting on over 43% of America's wealth with no interest in helping sustain the economy which made that wealth possible in the first place.
      They want to turn OUR American Dream into a Corpocrat/Theocrat NIGHTMARE.  They've already started to dismantle OUR Democracy in Michigan.  Do We, The People, wait until they take over America entirely?

      May 11th, 2012 ~ Who REALLY caused our nation's deficit?  Click on the chart below from "Talking Points Memo" to read more.
Click here for TPM's 'Who REALLY Caused the Deficit?'

      May 10th, 2012 ~ In my last journal entry of April, I asked you to contact your Senators and Representatives, as I have, to protect our right to vote through legislation establishing a separate and uniform set of rules applying to Federal offices.  In other words, a voter on election day may be prey to the sorts of Koch brothers funded, state-level, voter suppresion bills 30 states have ramroded into law when it comes to state and municipal races, but could NOT be denied their basic civil rights when voting for U.S. Representatives, Senators, and President.
      Recently, I wrote to my legislators again, addressing the penalties which such a law should include.  I did this because opponents would naturally mock a law with no enforcement teeth.  I suggested people tried and convicted in a FEDERAL court of voter fraud AS WELL AS State election officials convicted in a FEDERAL court of illegally denying American citizens their right to vote should BOTH face a MINIMUM of two and a maximum of five years in Federal prison.  These penalties should satisfy TRUE conservatives HONESTLY concerned about voter fraud in Federal elections.  If not, then it becomes clear to Independents LIKE ME that the GOP goal is a coup d'etat to steal our election rather than any concern about voter fraud.
      I'm not naive.  Even if passed by both houses and signed into law by our President tomorrow (wishful thinking), it's probably too late to have any substantive impact on THIS election.  However, it tells ALL Americans that Democrats stand for our Rights.  In an election year where Republicans are doing their utmost to disenfranchise MILLIONS of American Citizens, that's not a bad policy position, regardless of the timing.

      May 8th, 2012 ~ A few days ago, our Vice President expressed his views on "Gay Marriage"...

      Here, then, are MY views on the subject.  I'm all for it!  I believe EVERY adult American has the same unalienable rights to religious liberty as every other adult American to sanctify their love for another consenting adult with a ceremony which celebrates and elevates that love.  Whether your nuptials are presided over by your Pastor, Priest, Brujo, Priestess, Alpha Clear, Swami, or Cap'n Ron, your RIGHT to have your marriage sanctified in some way is guaranteed by OUR CONSTITUTION.
      That's why, I feel, government at ALL levels should get OUT of the marriage business; gay OR straight.  Government should have NO ROLE in "sanctifying" the union of two consenting adults and that is EXACTLY what a wedding ceremony - no matter how dry and utilitarian it may be - IS.  If the goal is to recognize the rights AND responsibilities of two adults entering into a legally binding relationship, why should ANY government be required to recognize anything more than that?  Why should the state, at ANY level, be embroiled in an unnecessary conflict over religious freedom?
      I ardently believe the words "marriage", "wedding", "husband", and "wife" should be struck from ALL public laws and replaced with "legal union", "legally conjoined" and "spouse".  I know some will find my viewpoint odd and actually inflammatory.  Sorry.  I honestly don't mean to offend.  I just think this entire matter needs to be put to rest, so America can move past this and many of the other creepy conflations of Church and State we're being assaulted with by the Corpocrat/Theocrat meat puppets.