April 17th, 2012 ~ NOW is the time for a federal Voter Rights Bill.  Since 2003, 30 states have enacted some form of Voter ID law.  Some are innocuous; others draconian.  ALL these laws, to one degree or another, intentional or not, have the effect of denying Americans their right to vote.  THAT'S a problem when it comes to federal-level elections.
      State and local elections impact ONLY people living in a particular State, County, or City.  U.S. Congressional, Senate, and Presidential elections effect US ALL. Legislation proposed by a Senator from Kentucky and enacted into law effects families throughout our nation.  Legislation proposed by a California Representative and enacted into law effects families throughout our nation.  I believe this critical distinction requires OUR federal elections, while conducted simultaneously with state or local elections, be conducted according to a separate and nationally uniform set of rules.
      Among those rules should be voter qualification requirements which do NOT create unreasonable financial or documentation hardships for voters.  Again, I'm describing a bill which applies SOLELY to national elections.  Under such a bill, a voter might show up on election day and be excluded from voting for State, County, or City candidates due to some ginned up State, County, or Municipal voter registration requirements, BUT could NOT be excluded from voting for a U.S. Representative, a U.S. Senator, or a U.S. President on that same election day.
      What do YOU think?  Should voter qualification in our federal-level elections be according to a nationally uniform set of federal rules, separate from any State, County, or Municipal requirements?  I encourage you to share your thoughts on this with your U.S. Senators and U.S. Congressional Representatives.  Some will definitely NOT want to hear this sort of question.  Some will surely cry "State's Rights!" attempting to manipulate our Constitution to sweep our Individual Constitutional Rights under the rug.  Others will certainly claim this is an effort to open our elections to "Voter Fraud!".  All talking points, crafted by ALEC, to deny you your Right to vote.  Do YOU want ALEC telling you you're not qualified to vote?  I didn't think so.

      April 14th, 2012 ~ I've written a LOT in these pages about electric vehicles being a key element in freeing ourselves from the oily choke-hold of the multinational fossil fuels cartel.  Automakers are finally dipping their toes into the electric vehicle (eV) market and finding an invitingly warm pool of eager buyers.  Of course, electric cars face all the same challenges as their internal-combustion counterparts.  Safety, range, comfort, range, sticker price, range, reliability, and yes, range all come into play.
      There's no question that even with the latest lithium ion battery technologies, driving range is still the single largest impediment to mainstreaming electric vehicles.  That said, there's another crucial element, often overlooked.  FUN!  America LOVES cars as much for the sheer fun of driving as for any utility they provide, yet I seldom see this reflected in eV advocacy.  Dumb!
      Here, then, is some eye candy to lure you away from the dark side of the force that an eV Jedi you may become!  We'll start with John Wayland's home-grown "White Zombie" eV dragster...

      Think 0-60 in 3.6 seconds will cost you 3/4 of a million dollars?  Think "TZero" instead...

      But wait!  Prefer the feel of the wind on your helmet?  Witness the Agni "TTXGP X01" Electric Motorcycle at SPA Francorchamps...

      ...not quite "zippy" enough for you?  The "KillaCycle" should satisfy your need for speed!

      Okay, I think you're ready for the "concepts".  Here's a concept.  Two smokin' hot drivers, a Citroen Survolt, and an Agni Z2 superbike!  Who said the bright side of "The Force" needs to be lame?

      Here are a few more eV concept cars I find particularly appealing.  Heck, they're AWESOME!  Let's begin with the BMW "i8 Spyder"...

      Dodge's "ZEO" concept is one mean, green, drivin' machine!

      Croatia is the home of one of the sexiest eV concept cars I've ever seen; Rimac's "Concept One" electric supercar.  I still haven't seen it on an official race track, with impartial pro's driving, vs. a Tesla Roadster, but that would be sweet to watch...

      ...and remember, Nikola Tesla, while a Serb, was born in what is now Croatia, so Rimac's claims of being faster than a Tesla Roadster would be totally ironic if proven true.  Speaking of Tesla, Elon Musk isn't waiting around for that match-up.  In fact, Tesla Motors has ceased production of their iconic Roadster to focus on two new offerings.  The "Model S" luxury sedan...

      ...and their beautiful, all-wheel drive, gull-wing door crossover, "Model X".

      Not content to offer his own extraordinary vehicles, Elon Musk is also a founding member of the "X Prize Foundation" which in 2004 awarded $10 Million to Scaled Composites for their "Spaceship One" and also considered the ZAP car company's "Alias" three-wheeler for Progressive Insurance's automotive X-Prize.

      Finally, courtesy of "Green Overdrive", a couple of race-ready eV's!  The WrightSpeed "X1"...

      ...and the KleenSpeed "Electric Racer".

      eV's:  Nuthin' but GOOD "CLEAN" FUN!

      April 9th, 2012 ~ Over a year has passed since the Japanese earthquake/tsunami of March 11th, 2011, which killed many thousands outright and set the stage for a nuclear nightmare at Fukushima second only to Chernobyl in its devastation.  That nightmare continues to this day.
      On March 28th of this year, TepCo officials sent an endoscope camera, a dosimeter, and a thermometer into Fukushima reactor two (daiichi) to find water levels terrifyingly lower than expected and radiation levels terrifyingly higher than expected.  The damage at the daiichi reactor is so severe and so deadly radioactive, TepCo will need to develop entirely new technologies to deal with it.
      That's the GOOD news.  The other two reactors, where Hydrogen explosions ripped apart their containment vessels, are still inaccessible to investigators because of the damage as well as the massive radiation for which no protective suits exist and no robotic electronics can withstand.  THINK ABOUT THAT!  Even the most HARDENED ELECTRONICS, designed for Nuclear War, cannot stand up to the radiation levels at Fukushima!
      Yet, OUR Senate and Congress are COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE promoting the building of NEW Fission powerplants like Fukushima, but ADAMANT in denying funding for development of the world's first FUSION powerplants.
      What IS a "Fusion Powerplant"?  If We, The People, can defeat Big Energy's lobbyists and their legislative Meat-Puppets, Fusion Powerplants will harnesses the reaction of our Sun to produce LIMITLESS ENERGY from a component of SEAWATER (Deuterium).  A Fusion Powerplant will require NO RADIOACTIVE FUEL, produce NO NUCLEAR WASTE, and if disabled for any reason, will simply STOP.  A natural disaster such as Fukushima's earthquake and tsunami would allow plant workers to begin repairs on a FUSION reactor within a few HOURS, with only minimal protective clothing for those closest to the reaction vessel.
      Why, then, are We, The People, being coerced into spending OUR TAX DOLLARS to build new Fission powerplants (like Fukushima) instead of OUR tax dollars being used to develop and build Fusion powerplants which would produce NOTHING but Helium; the stuff of party balloons?  We might wish to ask our Senators and Congressional Representatives exactly this question.

      April 4th, 2012 ~ Three points:
      1.  OUR government has the same problems with bureaucratic excess as ANY large enterprise; public OR private.  OUR government DOES NOT need to be dismantled altogether, as GOP meat-puppets conspire to do, because OUR government shares the same vulnerability to bureaucratic excess as any large CORPORATION.  OUR government needs US to reform those excesses to make it more responsive to OUR will.  OUR government is OUR ONLY bastion against the savage, dog-eat-dog tyranny of CORPORATE GREED and CORPORATE bureaucratic excess.
      2.  Corporations are NOT people.  Neither are unions.  PEOPLE are living, breathing, human beings who can bleed, die, laugh, cry, love, hate, feel pain, joy, and despair, hear a baby cry, smell a flower, build a home, raise a family, DREAM GREAT DREAMS.  PEOPLE are EMPLOYED by corporations.  PEOPLE are MEMBERS of unions.  Both corporations and unions are totally artificial inventions BY PEOPLE.  Each and every corporate EMPLOYEE and union MEMBER shares the same unalienable INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS as every other living, breathing, person.  Their inventions do not.
      3.  A politically partisan judiciary is anathema to justice and ultimately to liberty.  If WE, The PEOPLE, cannot count on OUR judiciary to be TOTALLY APOLITICAL, their decisions fall into disrepute.  Our judiciary is empowered SOLELY by OUR willingness to accept their rulings as legitimate.  When their rulings preclude OUR ability to accept them as legitimate and we have no further recourse to redress, we're well on our way to ANARCHY.  If OUR federal judiciary has no other moral or ethical compass to guide them than a basic sense of self preservation, they would be well served in recognizing their own FRAGILE hold on power.
      There may, Of course, be Supreme Court Justices who are encouraged by their familial and corporate fealty to betray America's trust and subvert OUR democratic republic; to render it, in every meaningful sense, null and void.  I guess we'll find out who those TRAITORS are in June.

      April 2nd, 2012 ~ Today, OUR Supreme Court, ruled 5 to 4 in favor of our Daughters, Sisters, Mothers, and Grandmothers being strip searched by law enforcement officials for ANY reason or NO REASON at all.  Puppy made a poo you didn't notice?  STRIP SEARCH.  Turn signal burned out?  STRIP SEARCH.  Riding a bicycle without a bell?  STRIP SEARCH.  A NUN protesting against war?  STRIP SEARCH.  Hyperbole?  Hardly.
      Google their decision.  You will find the most specious arguments by Justice Kennedy, defending the Mega-Billion-Dollar corporate penal industry while assaulting our Fourth Amendment RIGHTS.  I'm sorry, did I say assaulting?  I meant to say ERADICATING.  POOF!  GONE!  Bend over and spread your cheeks, America.  Your Supreme Court mandates it.