May 31st, 2011 ~ I am no longer angry with Sarah Palin for keeping her steel-toed stiletto wedged in the metaphorical door to our national consciousness.  As with the parable of the scorpion and the frog, it's just in her nature.  My outrage is now focused on our nation's media; our supposed bastion of democracy.
      FOX NEWS used to be the only propaganda-disguised-as-news network, but now, CNN, NBC, even the New York Times have demonstrated a willingness to CREATE news rather than just report it.  By slavishly pursuing Palin's circus wagon and reproducing her every gibbering utterance as somehow "presidential", ALL the media have been complicit in CREATING SARAH.  Without them, she would be just another has-been, tooting her off-key horn in a parody of a patriotic march nobody who has known REAL sacrifice for our country can bear listening to.
      What can you or I do about this corporate-sponsored attempt to throw US under Sarah's bus?  In the case of broadcast (not cable-only) media, we still have an FCC we can complain to.  Print media subsriptions can certainly be cancelled.  Cable-only networks like FOX NEWS and websites like Worldnut Daily are more problematic.  Boycotting advertisers is one avenue of dissent.  Another is to write our Senators and Representatives to ensure no content providers have a market monopoly on distribution.
      Democracy requires a fourth estate we can TRUST to inform us without bias about those who hold or aspire to power; people whose actions often have a direct impact upon our lives, our communities, our nation.  If all we can trust is to be fed corporate cotton-candy, then I say it's time to "Bust the Trusts" of corporate media concentration.

      May 1st, 2011 ~ DEAD!  Late this evening, our President announced that in a daring, surgically-precise, and brilliantly executed raid deep within Pakistan, an American military team killed Osama Bin Laden and recovered his corpse for positive identification.  Justice, finally, for the chief butcher of 9/11, the Cole bombing, the Nairobi U.S. embassy bombing, and the countless other bloodthirsty acts committed by al Quaeda and its proxies in the name of the twisted, diseased, evil, parody of God they serve.  There is much rejoicing in the streets.