September 2nd, 2010 ~ It's been nearly two years since I posted an article here.  Not since the historic November 2008 election of Barack Obama as our President, in fact.  Since then, the only update I've made is to my energy article, "The New American Crisis" last month.
      As stated in that article, I now draw your attention to Bloom Energy and their revolutionary Bloom Box Energy Server.  Revolutionary, because it completely flips the electrical power paradigm; making on-site, 24/7 energy generation the primary source of power and relegating the electrical grid to serving occasional excess demand or as backup to the Energy Server.
      Bloom Energy claims their Energy Server is less expensive, occupies a smaller footprint, and generates more energy than a photo-voltaic array of similar output (since it can work night and day, non-stop), and can even store excess energy for later use.  Since it's fuel is consumed in an electro-chemical process (rather than combustion), they also point to significantly lower emissions than from an equivalent diesel or gas powered generator and since the relatively smaller amounts of CO2 produced contain no combustion artifacts, carbon can be directly sequestered with no intervening extraction steps.
      There's no question in my mind that combined with a "smart" power grid expressly built for bi-directional energy transfers, the Energy Server is poised to have the same impact on America's energy technology as the internet has had on every aspect of contemporary communication.  This truly looks like the next BIG thing.