October 16th, 2008 ~ I was encouraged today to hear Barack Obama gently chide supporters at a campaign rally not to become complacent about his apparent lead among likely voters just 19 days out from our election on November 4th.  I fully agree with his warning, but perhaps for different reasons.
      When the Democratic primary ended and this general election campaign started, I was praying for ANY margin of victory for Barack and Joe.  A single electoral vote was okay with me, as long as we could keep that bellicose septuagenarian and his pathological running mate from getting the keys to the White House.  Then, they and their proxies began their verbal assassination of Barack Obama; whipping their supporters into a froth of hatred I have NEVER seen in ANY campaign; presidential or otherwise.
      To say I'm finding their rally rhetoric disgusting and terrorizing is understatement only to the extent that I cannot come up with words vehement enough to express how vile and twisted I think John McCain and Sarah Palin have shown themselves to be.  I no longer feel that Barack and Joe winning by a slim margin will be enough to cleanse our body politic of the unwholesome stink of the McCain/Palin campaign.  They must be utterly crushed and humiliated.
      Only a resounding rebuke of their diseased and divisive strategy by the People of the UNITED States of America will allow us to reclaim our American Dream from the fetid nightmare McCain/Palin yearn to perpetuate.  After eight years of Bush/Cheney, our nation is facing the most turbulent times we've faced in decades.  We need a calm, strong, smart hand at the tiller to guide our ship of state through the jagged shoals we've been driven into and a sharp set of eyes at the bow to warn of rocks ahead.  Barack Obama and Joe Biden are that team.

      Vote Obama/Biden '08!