August 23rd, 2008 ~ When our Congress gets back from their end of Summer break, Senators and Representatives addicted to oil money will attempt to cash in on the public sentiment that we should allow offshore drilling.  Their corporate masters have done a masterful job of painting this as a solution to our high prices at the pumps, even though the first drops of new offshore production are not likely to be seen for about seven or eight years.
      A key selling point of the propaganda is that we're seeing a vast, $700 Billion per year transfer of wealth from America to foreign regimes not exactly friendly to us.  There's no arguing with that.  Just as there's no arguing with the $120 Billion per year transfer of wealth from our Treasury to allow the Iraqi government to rack up a $96 Billion surplus from oil sales.
      The other selling point, obviously, is that additional offshore drilling will somehow make our nation more energy independent.  Forget, for the moment, that even T. Boone Pickens - one of the oiligarchy's own - says "this is one emergency we can't drill our way out of".  If we swallow their bait, where do you think that new offshore oil will be sold?  It will be sold on the GLOBAL energy markets.  So here's a proposal you might wish to communicate to our Congress...
      IF offshore drilling is SO critical to our nation's security and prosperity, it stands to reason that EVERY DROP of new offshore production should be dedicated to our DOMESTIC use.  How else can we know we're putting American oil into our cars?  If you're CERTAIN offshore drilling is the salve for our pain at the pumps, I respectfully urge you to contact your Senators and Representatives to demand every drop of new offshore oil be sold only in America.  Then, pay CLOSE attention to their responses.