December 22nd, 2003 ~ Now that the Bush/Hussein family feud has been successfully concluded, perhaps this administration will deign to employ our tax dollars in the interests of the American People for a change by tracking down the monsters who REALLY threaten our lives and our liberties.  Personally, I think the "rolling thunder" approach is best.  Set up evacuation camps and designated evacuation routes to those camps for all people living along the Afghan/Pakistani border.  Give everyone 72-hours to evacuate and then methodically pound the region with 24-hour-a-day saturation bombing.
      Before the bombing starts, our President should notify Pakistani President Musharraf that we will be including the mountain regions of Pakistan along the Afghan border and to demonstrate his anti-terrorist solidarity with America, Musharraf should move his troops back to a safe distance and allow U.S. evacuation camps and designated evacuation routes in Pakistan as well.  With the spectre of nuclear technology sales to Iran and North Korea hanging over the Musharraf regime, I would say it's time to find out if he is a friend or foe.
      Before the bombing starts reconnaisance drones should be extensively deployed to ensure people follow the designated routes to the evacuation camps for their safety and identity processing.  They may even use designated radio frequencies to request assistance or organize caravans to the camps.  If they go anywhere else; they're dead.  If they fire guns for any reason; they're dead.  If they use any other radio frequencies; they're dead.
      These words may sound brutal, but war IS brutal.  We've already seen how brutal on September 11th, 2001.  We did not start this war, but we WILL finish it.  Let your Senators and Representatives know you want Bin Laden and his minions dead.  NOW.  Not after he orchestrates another obscenity in the name of God.

      December 21st, 2003 ~ Well, we're back at Orange Alert for the first time since May.  Al Qaeda is back on the offensive; threatening aircraft-related attacks just as we enter our Christmas holiday period.  It could be nothing more than mind games.  Then again, it could be every bit as real as September 11th, 2001.  But we are urged by the administration to go about our daily activities as usual.  " Just be alert", we are told.
      Okay.  I can do that.  Let me put together my "Daily Planner"...
        3:20 a.m.   Awaken with heart pounding at sound of backfiring truck in street.
        4:15 a.m.   Drift back to fitfull sleep.
        6:45 a.m.   Shut off snooze button at sound of low-flying jet.   Make coffee.
        7:00 a.m.   Order last-minute gifts online.   Forget about shopping.   If it's late; it's late.
        7:45 a.m.   Give everyone an extra kiss and hug.   Go to work.
        8:00 a.m.   Break out Rolaids as public transit delays build that "sitting duck" feeling.
      10:05 a.m.   Get to work.   Make note of all exit signs.
      12:30 p.m.   More Rolaids.   Skip lunch and write letters to Senators and Representatives asking why we can spend $140 Billion to invade Iraq, but not $11 billion to retrofit our airliners with anti-missile defense systems.
        2:00 p.m.   Apologize to consultant who had to retrieve his unattended briefcase from bomb squad.
        3:00 p.m.   Check on company life insurance coverage with Human Resources.
        3:30 p.m.   Explain to department V.P. why I am checking on company life insurance coverage.
        3:45 p.m.   Help department V.P. get to website detailing company life insurance coverage.
        4:45 p.m.   Claim "flu-like symptoms" to avoid holiday drinks with coworkers at high-traffic watering hole.
        5:45 p.m.   Break out Rolaids as public transit delays build that "sitting duck" feeling.
        9:00 p.m.   Arrive home.
        9:30 p.m.   Skip Dinner.   Take 2 Pepcid-AC.   Write more letters to Senators and Representatives asking why we haven't captured or killed Bin Laden yet.
      10:00 p.m.   Watch evening news.
        2:30 a.m.   Drift off to sleep.
        3:20 a.m.   Awaken with heart pounding at sound of backfiring truck in street.

      December 14th, 2003 ~ "Ladies and getlemen, we got him."  With these words, U.S. Iraq Administrator, L. Paul Bremer announced the capture near Tikrit of Saddam Hussein.  Hopefully, this critical event will allow the Iraqi people to realize their democracy and for our soldiers to return home even sooner than expected.  Certainly, his capture renders the continued guerrilla campaign by Ba'ath party loyalists pointless, but I expect Wahabbists and other fanatical insurgents will continue their bloody business as usual.
      As I've said before, the focus must now return to Usama Bin Laden.  Bin Laden keeps the homicidal maniacs flowing into Iraq and elsewhere.  Bin Laden is the diseased monster, tearing with blood-soaked claws at the very fabric of human civilization.  Bin Laden is the blasphemous devil who perverts God's words to his own ends.  And I pray, that Bin Laden will soon meet his well-earned judgement at God's hand.