June 2nd, 2003 ~ Today, despite THOUSANDS of citizen comments to the contrary, FCC Chairman Michael Powell ramrodded through his removal of nearly all media ownership restrictions; wiping out decades of carefully crafted policy designed to encourage competition and discourage the establishment of TRUSTS.  Of course, you and I are still restricted from setting up our own transmitters, or running cable to get the word out.  We're just the actual OWNERS of the airwaves and lack the financial clout to acquire the sort of monopolistic service franchises readily secured by the Media Mafia with a few penstrokes.  It won't be long before our voices are permanently silenced with a few covert Bills of Sale.  All completely legal.  All complete betrayals of the American People by the commission expressly charged with protecting our interests.
      I will say that at least two networks I know of (besides PBS of course), gave some serious airtime to this matter prior to the coup d'état.  Both CNN and CNBC covered this story to a surprising extent and earned my respect.  I have also gained a great respect for FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, who had been tirelessly touring the country, trying to alert us to this travesty.  So, what can we do now?  I think the first step must be the removal of Michael Powell as Chairman of the FCC.  Only with his removal do we have ANY hope of rolling back this decision. I urge you to contact your Senators and Congresspeople today to launch an immediate investigation of Chairman Powell and to seek his removal from office for dereliction of duty.