December 31st, 2002 ~ New Year's Eve and so far, so good.  We're settled in for a relaxing evening of our favorite champagne and watching the revelers in Times Square on TV.  I'm still concerned about those five men who slipped across the Canadian border on Christmas Eve, as some "experts" believe they are among 19 the FBI are interested in.  But y'know, it's just something we're going to have to learn to live with.  As long as we're shackled at the neck to Middle East Oil, we must become comfortable with a constant sense of dread.  Not much different from my "duck-n-cover" childhood.
      Back then, of course, the boogie men were easy to target and we had a MAD policy which made any moves an act of insanity.  Now, the Cold War is ostensibly over and with it the MAD doctrine.  All that's left are the insane and they're out in force.  Crazy old men in designer suits sending our children into the fire while other crazy old men in bizarre headgear fill their children with hate and strap C4 to them.  Ironic, isn't it, that we were actually safer in a MAD world then we are now in an insane one?  And it's all because of Middle East Oil.
      Makes me yearn for those MAD days, when a young President challenged our nation to send men to the Moon and return them safely back to Earth within a decade!  Mad as it was, we DID IT!  Not just once but six times.  Heck, in LESS than four years, we were the first to make a small SUN!  But recent Presidents have no such challenges for us.  They just want us to be good little consumers and "be vigilant" while we gas up our SUV's to go shop at the mall.  Reinforcing our chains to Middle East Oil.
      Wouldn't it be wonderful to throw off those chains?  Wouldn't it be terrific to try something MAD again?  Wouldn't it be thrilling for our President to challenge us to develop a cheap, environmentally safe, and limitless energy source before the decade is out?  I know we can do it.  You know we can do it.  All we lack is the political will.
So here are MY New Year's resolutions:
I resolve to hound my Senators, my Representatives, my President, to challenge us as stated above.
I resolve to work tirelessly to make this challenge and it's goal a reality.
I resolve not to be placated by lame excuses, nor to be sidetracked by poisonous alternatives like nuclear fission.
I resolve to help free America from our slavery to Middle East Oil and the crazy old men who would trade our blood for it.
Happy New Year, all.  Now let's get MAD again.

      December 5th, 2002 ~ Decided to remove all these entries about odd words popping into my consciousness.  Words like ptosin and mithras and kryptos.  Too weird.

      December 4th, 2002 ~ Attended the funeral of a friend today.  He was a great guy; a Mensch.  Always had an encouraging word when you needed one, or a joke, or just a ready ear.  He was an athletic guy; died of a heart attack while mountain biking with some buddies upstate.  He was only 47.  His zany sense of humor and big smile will be greatly missed in this world.