October 23rd, 2002 ~ CAPTURED!  After a whirlwind day of police activity spanning the nation from Washington state, to Montgomery, Alabama and back to Montgomery County outside of Washington, D.C., the two sickos responsible for so much random bloodshed have finally been locked up in cages where they belong.  Soon, they will be tried for their butchery and will face their victims' families as they meet their well-deserved deaths.  God bless the dedicated men and women of law enforcement who hunted them down!
      There is some concern over how to proceed in trying these two inhuman cowards as at least one state involved is prohibited by law from prosecuting if a Federal trial takes place first.  I feel Federal prosecutors should postpone their case and let each state conduct it's own capital murder cases.  The suffering of so many requires the closure of multiple death sentences.  Then the Federal authorities can put the icing on the cake by prosecuting them on Civil Rights grounds.

      October 21st, 2002 ~ Over a year has passed since that fateful September day and since I have updated this site.  Much has changed in that time, both in our personal lives as well as our nation.  Even as I write this, a massive manhunt is on in Maryland and Virginia for a cowardly fiend who has been murdering innocents from the shadows with a high-powered rifle.  Some feel this is the work of Al Quada.  I would remind them that Oklahoma City and Columbine prove we have plenty of our own home-grown psychos to go around.  I pray that this monster is discovered by a group of regular citizens just before he's about to strike again and that police officials take their sweet time getting to the capture site.
      I also pray for all the families, both here and abroad, who have lost so much this past year because of the actions of evil men.  As our President maneuvers our nation toward war with Iraq, I pray too for the mothers on both sides who are equally powerless to prevent such madness from threatening their children's lives.  I pray that someday soon, the madmen will fade away and we can all live in peace and freedom with respect and compassion for each other.
      Thanksgiving Day approaches and while we have much to give thanks for, we also have much to give pause and ask ourselves if we can somehow do it all better.  Can we elect leaders to represent us who are neither degenerate cowards nor war mongering corporate stooges?  Can we protect our essential liberties as well as our lives from those who would deny either from us?  Can we build a world of limitless abundance so that madmen may no longer use envy, want, or fear to steer us all toward oblivion?  I believe we can.  I hope you believe that too.

      October 3rd, 2001 ~ Everything changed on September 11th, 2001.  I don't think anyone would disagree with that.  Now our greatest challenge is to retain not only our lives, but our way of live until the rabid animals who attacked us are hunted down and destroyed.  Fear not.  We SHALL overcome.